The Intelligent Urgency Advantage

Intelligent Urgency sits at the intersection of the owner’s and manager’s needs.  Owners want the team to take on more responsibility, think through decisions, and balance risk with long-term goals. 

Business Foundation

       Intelligent Urgency should be the foundation of the business, part of the culture… it is “how we do things here.” Thought before action, regardless of the surrounding pressure

Balancing Needs

Intelligent urgency is not about doing things as quickly as possible at the expense of careful consideration and planning. Instead, it’s about understanding when and where to speed up the decision-making and execution and when to take more time to ensure you’re making the right move. Intelligent urgency is about assessing risks smartly, making decisions effectively, and acting swiftly but thoughtfully.

How do I start creating a culture of Intelligent Urgency?

Your culture is made up of the behaviors and attitudes that employees bring to work every day.  We need to make sure the behaviors and attitudes are pointing toward Intelligent Urgency.

We work through three steps:

We put these into a repeatable process with frequent, structured check-ins – a Rhythm of Accountability takes shape inside the organization.

The Rhythm of Accountability doesn’t require much time to become How We Run Our Business.

What Intelligent Urgency Leads To

We Improve the Business in Four Ways:

On the same page

Owners and Team agree on the prioritization of tasks

Risk Management

Risks are assessed as a team and managed with an eye toward both action and caution


There is a culture of growing autonomy with accountability. The team can act swiftly while understanding the owner’s desire


Important issues get attention from the owner and team while the daily tasks are completed with a shared understanding of priorities.

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With over a decade of executive experience, I’ve been in your shoes as President & CEO. I’ve worked with many business owners just like you. I aim to help you transform your business into a company that thinks and acts with Intelligent Urgency.

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